Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 - The Journey To SPM Begins Now !

It's the third week of 2010... (HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR)

Still I can't help but feel a little bummed that I haven't been actively blogging since 2009. Well, I guess that's Form 5 life for ya'll. Life has changed a lot since last year.

Based on the Lunar (Chinese) calendar, it is stated that this year is the Year of the Tiger... (Ok, I'm no Feng Shui fanatic) but school has been a ''roaring'' time since Day 1 for me. With homework, interventions and assignments, it just makes a guy wanna shut himself in a room with music turned to the highest volume!

I've been lacking sleep, energy and more importantly FUN. Hate to say it but my life was turning dull till I started thinking about ''THE FUTURE''. What would happen if every student just gave up their interest to work hard and study? Where are we gonna find doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and all the other professionals of this world in the years to come? Every person (big or small) contributes something to this earth and the people on it. One person gives up, eventually 10 people will give up, then come 100, then 1000....(Leading to a very big Geometric Progression)

If one person, stands up for what is right and walks the right path in the things he do. Eventually he can influence others. *Sejarah time* Because Mahatma Gandhi's efforts India, he became a great influence to many, including the leaders of Tanah Melayu eventually leading to our country's independence. Because of Martin Luther King, we have a handful of orators today breeding this new generation to speak properly and with confidence.

Because of Jesus Christ, that there is now salvation for this earth. As stated in John 3:16, ''For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.'' Now people can walk spiritually free for they are no longer slaves to sin when they accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Whcih gives me great pride to take this opportunity to inform all my readers about the 11th KL/PJ SCF Leaders' Convention 2010.

Some of you may have heard of it and some haven't, let me give you all little briefing. This convention will be held on 6th February 2010 (Saturday) from 2pm to 6.30pm. It's gonna be difficult for me to explain the details out here in my blog so if any of you are interested to come for this convention for a time of learning and fellowship, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

2010....(Here we go again)
Is the year that I will be taking the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), considered to be the most important exam in my life. This exam will determine my future. Beginning with my tertiary education and following that my career. I won't let this year go to waste, what I have been waiting is drawing closer to me day after day. I'm no longer in my diapers watching Sesame Street, I'm grown up and I gotta take some responsibilty for my life. Please pray for me dear readers that I would make the right choices this year, for I have said everything that I do (you do, they do, we do, he does, she does) would affect something in life's process. Hopefully, everything that is done would be pleasing to God and in accordance to His will.


Friday, July 10, 2009

The Reopening of D H A L

While all sorts of recent happenings I find these days, like the H1N1 in my alma mater (and all over the world), the passing of MJ, my promotion to CF secretary, the 3rd place victory of 4K, MBSSKL in the Zon Bangsar Inter-School Choral Speaking Competition 2009, new education systems, my first 2 G9s in form 4, the founding of AANLEE-ism/AANLEEnism, my third place ranking in the inter-class MBSSKL spelling bee competition 2009.....................I've come to the conclusion to reopen this blog of mine. You could say that my blog went for a 3 month break and now has come back for vacation. I hope to update more often.

Readers, just an FYI for all of you, my facebook comment on YB Tony Pua's status was posted in his Education in Malaysia blog. Check out the link below:

I was also invited to co-edit a blog for my beloved alma mater SRJK(C) Jalan Davidson. Below is the link:

Wow, lots of stuff right? Don't miss it by checking out my blog.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


One word to describe that day: AWESOME...........................

The COMBINED BOARD'S DAY or CBD is considered a day in which every member of MBS' 4 main boards (Prefect, Librarian, IT Brigade and Sportsman), take a break and celebrate. That day was also welcomed by a surprise guest from the USA, Mr Tom Brown. Mr Brown worked as a teacher in MBSSKL many many years back. One very important message Mr Brown touched on was about honoring parents. He spoke on the commandment HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER during his speech. It was indeed meaningful and worth hearing.

Back to CBD, board members from many schools in the Klang Valley participated in this event and shared the majestic bond of 'leader fellowship'. This majestic bond is used by board leaders to exchange views to improve their respective boards.

Then there were speeches by the 4 heads of the 4 main boards of MBSSKL.

Benny Tham - Prefects
Lau Yii Yang - Librarians
Tan Chia Way - IT Brigade
Joseph Leong - Sportsmen

Every CBD member shows great respect for the 4 for their years of service and loyalty. In this post, I would also like to dedicate the success of the CBD to the following:

  • Foo Tun Kai
  • Robert Chia
  • Chak Wai Yih
  • Chew Shin Yin, Jocelyn
  • Kriskkumar
  • Joshua Yon
  • Joel Kuan

The 7 of them have shown true leadership in ensuring a smooth flow for the CBD. Also, not forgetting every member who did their very best for the CBD. This year's CBD, as I have mentioned was a success, let's all pray that next year will be able to keep up to the standards.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fear finally caught up to me....

Wow, tons of stuff have been happening. yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow's Easter Sunday. These few days have been like woah (Sleepless nights) can't go to bed. WHY????

I kept thinking about the video THE LETTER FROM HELL. This was the first time I became so scared, my mind and spirit were like in a negative - sad tone after watching it........

Uncle Allan was like an excellent speaker. He really got me thinking and he made me more aware of the surroundings during the Religous Emphasis Week (Jesus Understanding Week).

Well, let's see what's in stor tomorrow, shall we?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th....A ''school-day'' HOLIDAY

Yup it's a holiday because you go to school on that day thinking, ''Yay, it's raining. No, Saringan Sukan. That means whole day of fun.''

All Praise be to The Lord, my father dropped me to school by car hehehehe.

Then 3rd period came.....''dramatic music plays on'' Cik Norizan gave me my biology paper and, and, and, and, I got an E8. Well, I feel bummed by my result but still I praise God for giving friends and a dad who console me at times like these.

After doing my biology corrections, I went to Puan Lee WP's discipline room. Hahaha I didn't do anything bad, I was in fact appointed to be Ketua Tarik Tali or tug-o-war chief for the Chow Thye house during sports day. Go! Chow Thye Go! Go! Go!

Walked for hours to recruit people for the team and got back just in time for recess. One period after recess, we had English with Pn Loh. Pn Loh decided to have a game with the class, since nobody is interested with studies anyway. Everyone was all competitive as if it was a ''mini-MATTA fair''.

Then, the school bell rung. It was time for my ultimate first day of holiday. I went to Soong Kee Restaurant and had my lunch with Ari and Lak, then we took a bus to Mid Valley for games, bowling and the premier DragonBAll Evolution (DBE).

Well I enjoyed this so called ''cursed day''.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Down Turned Odd Turned Fun Day ~ Strangely Related To EL

Many apologies to my readers for placing my blog on a long pause. But hey what can I say: '' Form 4 mah, selalu ada kerja untuk buat ar....'' But now I'm back.

These are the reasons why I chose the post title as seen above ^

The Down
As I had a 4 hour sleep last night, I finally experienced a smothering dream after so long.....

I was in my dream (seemed so real). In the beiginning, I saw my friend (in the dream he had long hair but in real life, he's bald). We were in a mad scientist's lab. In the lab, he was captured by the mad man and tortured. The mad man dropped nuclear substances on my friend's head making him suffer. Slowly the nuclear substance burned up his hair and made him bald (like how he is now). He was suffering. In the dream, I was the first person/main character but I seemed as if I were the third person/audience. I just watched him suffer and could not help. After a while, his suffering ended and I was ''teleported'' to his funeral. Surprisingly, I was wearing the shirt I bought not long ago (an addidas white shirt with black stripes). Eventhough it was my favourite shirt, it suited the occasion of a funeral. As I reached my friend's casket, I was terribly shocked because I saw no body but a head (removed from his body) so ugly it looked as if he died as Lord Voldermort. I woke up in tears. Still, shortly after I've changed my clothes and departed for school.

Surprisingly similar to the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen, when the poet watched his friend suffer and could do nothing.

During English lesson in school, I was entrusted by my teacher to write the questions on the board for my class to copy as homework, while my teacher took the workbooks. Then, there came the friend I once had but whom I forgiven (although he has not forgiven me). {As a reference to my readers, I have written about this former friend in a previous post but did not reveal his name or code name} I will give his code name today which is: 652. 652 insulted my handwriting claiming if my handwriting was beautiful his would be the best. None stop taunting from him and slowly parts of the class followed. I did not mind my other classmates but I seriously mind 652. Eventually I wrote his father's name (out of rage) but still I stood quiet. I've received a series of scolding from others (except my closest of friends). Eventually I finished, the teacher thanked me and I had my seat. My dear friend Initial JCKY said that I shouldn't written 652's father's name. But JCKY did applaud my calmness.

The Odd 1
It was Moral period after English, the topic was something I couldn't imagine ~ it was about tolerating others. Exactly what I did just now. Odd, very odd. Everything from the topic's passage referred tolerance like what I did. God must be giving some kind of sign. We ended the class and moved to recess.

The Odd 2
After recess, came my favourite period Literature in English or commonly known as EL. And the topic was about conflict and war. It was referring to the poem The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy. Also, quite similar to the conflict I constantly have with 652. But through the poem, I finally knew how 652 and I came to conflict. We were once friends but there is an evil force preventing us from gaining friendship. Like in the poem where the poet had to kill the innocent man out of his will because it was his duty to the country. So God put me to the test. To pass the test I have to bring 652 to Christ and then we will slowly rekindle our friendship from there.

Well, now that The Down and Odd are over I move to The Fun part of the day.

The Fun
To many, this is either torture or the best time to sleep. To me, it was the chance to meet new friends and pull up my grades. Meet new friends I did because everyone was so friendly and the teacher was excellent. The teacher is an old close-friend. It was a small class and everyone had a good time with mathematics. The teacher whom I shall refer to as ''Sir'' (because he doesn't wear a skirt), refreshed our form 3 syllabus and introduced the last few chapters of the form 4 syllabus. ''Sir'' made it fun and easy to cope. Now, I fear not the subject of Math no more.

Well, to me today was a good day and I hope for a better tomorrow. Good Day, all.

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Week of Form 4 as a Kensettian

Wow.............. Letihnya......................................

Seriously I really salute those who can manage the homework and still score straight A's in Form 4. To all my beloved juniors who think Form 4 will be your honeymoon year, here's my response:''Think Again!''

For a student in 4Kensett or 4Clancy, the expectation for each student I believe is straight A's and good co-curricular marks. But hey, overall it's pretty cool. In my class we have 11 subjects that my classmates and I have to take for SPM, all helpful and interesting subjects.

Bahagian Teras
Bahasa Malaysia
English Language
Pendidikan Moral

Bahagian Elektif
Additional Mathematics
English in Science and Technology (EST)
Literature in English

For now, I'm going to do my best to excel in each subject and still try to get some decent sleep at night.

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